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Coastal Resurfacing, LLC in Satellite Beach, FL provides our Acryfin™ resurfacing for a variety of surfaces including, but certainly not limited to wood, pressure-treated wood, concrete patios, concrete docks and sidewalks.


  • Saves Thousands over the Cost of Replacement
  • Is A Milky White Liquid
  • Is Acrylic Resin and Water Based
  • Is Biodegradable and Environmentally Safe
  • Is Non-Hazardous and Non-Toxic
  • Fills Cracks and Locks Down Splinters
  • Seals Nail Heads and Restores Wood Surfaces
  • Comes in Unlimited Colors Choices
  • Is Slip-Resistant For Safety and Comfort
  • Creates a Durable Surface That Requires Minimal Maintenance

It rejuvenates, renews and protects your wood and concrete. Let us walk you through the installation process so you know the excellent service and product you are getting when you choose Coastal Resurfacing, LLC’s Acryfin™.  

Installation Process

The surface will be pressure-washed and cleaned with a citrus cleaning agent and any loose boards will be secured. The surface will then need to be dried in order to apply the Acryfin™ wood treatment. If any boards need to be replaced, Coastal Resurfacing, LLC will let you know. In the case of needing replacements; we can replace them for you, you can have them replaced yourself or we can reach out to one of our trusted dock repair affiliates and provide you with a quote.

The primer will then be tinted with your color choice and applied with either a roller or sprayer.
Coastal Resurfacing, LLC will add your color choice of exterior latex paint in satin, semi-gloss or gloss. Acryfin™ resin is added to your choice of paint color with our non‐skid aggregate and then mixed together and applied. You will receive 2 coats of Acryfin™ and 1 coat of primer. We will also paint the handrails and posts.

Coastal Resurfacing, LLC will be happy to send a representative out for a free inspection of your surface and quotes on any surfaces you want coated.

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